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You take care of business, We take care of checkout

With the Lemon Network you no longer just capture your user's credit card, you interact with their entire wallet.



Checkout with Lemon

Keep it simple, No more long forms standing in the way of conversion.

Select your Card

Pull up the Lemon Wallet for a one tap checkout experience.

Get Paid

Payment credentials are passed securely to your processor and you get paid.

Merchants in the Lemon Network receive the following benefits

Fast, one-tap payments

Never fill out a long form again.

Don't worry about expired cards

Users are reminded and can easily update their cards.

Access to more credit cards

Just in case one is declined.

Reduced PCI scope

We store the data in our vault.

Fewer refunds or chargebacks

Communicate billing inquiries or requests through the Lemon Wallet.

Processor agnostic integration

We support merchants and consumers all over the world.

Get Started with the Lemon SDK

To get started, you'll need to sign up for the Lemon Network.
Once you have your sandbox credentials, try out our Quickstart.